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Smoked Chicken Bruschetta

Smoked Chicken Bruschetta Filling, nourishing and simple to create! Ingredients: 1 large tomato, diced1 avocado, diced1 onion, diced1 yellow capsicum1/2 tsp mbK chilli infused kelp1 tbsp olive oilsea salt, to tastecracked pepper, to taste1 smoked chicken breast, sliced1 large baguette, slicedolive oil, for brushing2 garlic cloves, halved Method: 1. Combine tomatoes, avocado, onion, capsicum, mbK …

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Australian Seaweed - mbK - Recipes_Spicy-BBQ-Veggies

Spicy BBQ Veggies

Image Credit: Third Eye Photography Spicey BBQ Veggies A simple side dish cooked on the barbie or pan fried over the campfire Ingredients: 3 small zucchinis sliced in half lengthwaysI red capsicum seeded and thinly sliced1 tspn Spice of your choice (I used Garam Masala)1 tbsp of pinenuts2 tbsp Olive oilmbK Garlic Infusion Method: 1. …

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Australian Seaweed - mbK - Recipes_Detox-Smoothie

Kelp Green “Detox” Smoothie

Image Credit: Third Eye Photography KELP GREEN “DETOX” SMOOTHIE But you’ve been invited out for cocktails with the ladies and don’t want to miss out! We’ve got you covered with this delicious kelp infused mocktail. Ingredients: 2 × kale stalks1/2 zucchini1/2 avocadojuice of 1/2 lemonhandful fresh coriander1 x small Lebanese cucumber1/2 cup almond milk/water1 tspn …

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