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Spicy BBQ Veggies

Image Credit: Third Eye Photography

Spicey BBQ Veggies

A simple side dish cooked on the barbie or pan fried over the campfire


3 small zucchinis sliced in half lengthways
I red capsicum seeded and thinly sliced
1 tspn Spice of your choice (I used Garam Masala)
1 tbsp of pinenuts
2 tbsp Olive oil
mbK Garlic Infusion


1. Mix olive oil with spice, salt and pepper and coat veggies thoroughly.

2. Heat BBQ/frypan and place zucchini face down. Cook for a couple of minutes until lightly charred.

3. Turn zucchini, add capsicum and continue frying for a couple more minutes.

4. Remove veggies and arrange on a serving dish.

5. Fry pinenuts until lightly browned and sprinkle over veggies.

6. Top it off with mbK Garlic Infusion and a little yoghurt mixed with lemon juice and coriander if desired.